Satellite Internet Providers Offer Service for Rural Customers

Satellite Internet providers use a satellite dish to deliver your Internet rather than a cable or phone line. This is advantageous because you don't have to worry about losing service if one of your lines goes down.

There are multiple satellite Internet providers in the United States. Most providers offer great services complete with:

  • Fast upload and download speeds that rival dial-up and compete with DSL
  • Professional installation
  • 24/7 customer service
  • A small, unobtrusive satellite dish
  • An "always-on" connection
  • Service almost anywhere in the U.S., as long as you have an unobstructed view of the southern sky
  • Serviceability on Mac and PC platforms
  • No software to load or install

Between these two satellite Internet providers, you're sure to find the right service for your home. If you live in a rural area, there's no better option than satellite Internet. To get started on the path to faster Internet, call 1-888-403-4346 today to learn about our featured satellite Internet service provider!

Satellite Internet service providers in your area

You can learn more about satellite Internet service providers on this website.

Some fast facts about satellite Internet service providers:

  • High speed satellite Internet providers offer service all over the lower 48 states.
  • High speed satellite Internet providers can offer speeds up to 30 times faster than dial-up.
  • Satellite Internet service providers won't prevent simultaneous use of phone and Internet, unlike dial-up.
  • Satellite Internet service providers offer high-end technology at a low price.

How high speed satellite Internet providers work

You might be wondering how high speed satellite Internet providers actually work. The way it works isn't too complicated. There's a series of interconnected satellite dishes that relay signals to and from your home.

The first dish is at your house. When you're using the Internet, it sends a signal to the second dish. The second dish is your provider's dish that's orbiting the Earth in outer space. When this dish gets the signal from your dish, it bounces it to the provider's other dish back on Earth. Some people think satellite Internet is very slow because of the far distances the signal travels. However, satellite Internet is a fast service, and most high speed satellite Internet providers blow dial-up out of the water.

If you're in a rural area and are tired of a slow dial-up connection, satellite Internet is the answer for you. Call 1-888-403-4346 today to learn about our preferred satellite Internet provider, and learn how to get a great deal on satellite Internet service!

Satellite Internet providers - learn more on this website

If you're interested in learning more information about satellite Internet providers in your area, you're in the right place. This website is all about satellite Internet, how it works and how to get it.

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